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How can I share my virtual tour or integrate it into my website with an embed or iframe code?

Once your virtual tour is in the "menu" and then in "my 360 tours," you will see all of your virtual tours.

Click on the "Share" button, you will then have several sharing and integration options, click on one of them and the link will be copied.

You can then simply paste the URL to send it by email, WhatsApp, your real estate software, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram message, Snapchat, in Youtube comments, on Telegram, LinkedIn, Skype, etc.

To embed the tour onto your website, you'll need to copy the "embed" code provided by Klapty and paste it in the html part of your website, where you would like the tour to appear.

You can also generate and save a QR code that will directly bring your visitors to the tour after having scanned it.

Options for sharing and integrating a virtual tour

Options for sharing and integrating a virtual tour

Sharing via Embed

Sharing via iFrame