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The goal of Klapty is to finally make it accessible for everyone to create and share 360° virtual tours across the world, free and unlimited.

Why is Klapty free? How does Klapty make money if it's free?

Like Youtube or Spotify, if you want to remove a limitation or have even more features, you can choose to pay for a premium service. On Klapty, you can opt for a Pro Account which is paid but very affordable. Accessible 360 virtual tours for everyone starts here.

Klapty is also paid by allowing users (photographers, architects, designers, real estate agents, etc.) to sell their services online. Klatpy receives a 10% commission when a client books a photographer directly through Klapty and its reservation and payment system.

Final source of income, Klapty is also paid by its online boutique that sells photography and 360 equipment. Partnerships are in the works to further enhance the range of equipment.

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