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Do I have to use specific photo equipment to create a 360 tour?

Do I need to use specific equipment to create a 360° virtual tour?

Yes and no, in fact, it all depends on the desired final quality.
A good 360° camera and a stable tripod are all that you need to capture your 360 views (360° spherical panoramas in JPG format with a 2:1 ratio, where the width in pixels is twice the height).

Experts can opt for a DSLR camera combined with a 8mm fisheye lens and a rotating head.

As well, in your phone it's possible to use the "Google Street View" application which allows for capturing and saving 360° views onto your phone, to then create your virtual tour on Klatpy by sending in the photos taken. (For reasons of quality, speed, and simplicity, a 360° camera is strongly recommended. You can find them here =>

When using the "Google Street View" app you need to capture all of the orange dots in order to have a full 360 view that's compatible with Klapty.

Updated on: 06/01/2021