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Which tripod or monopod do you recommend for 360°?

Which tripod or monopod should I use for a 360° camera?

For your 360 cameras, we recommend using a monopod by either the Manfrotto or the Smatree brand because they provide enough stability to capture high quality 360° shots.

All the models are compatible for creating your virtual tours, preferably one without a handle, so that this element is not visible at ground level (Nadir). Don't hesitate to come chat with us on the Klapty chat (seen on the bottom right-hand-side of our website) in order to get our recommendations for choosing the tripod that will be best suited for your 360 virtual tours.

Here are some examples of tripods and monopods =>

Tripods, monopods, 360 cameras, and drones

Updated on: 21/01/2021