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How can I increase visibilty to my profile and 360 portfolio on Klapty as well as on search engines such as Google?

How can I increase visibility for my Klapty profile, my portfolio, and 360° virtual tours?

The first step to increase visibility on Klapty, Google Search, Bing, Yandex, etc., is to have a completed profile:

Add a profile photo of your best portrait on Klapty (minimum recommended photo size: 400x400 pixels).

Add also a cover photo to your profile in landscape format (Recommended photo size: 1920x330 pixels).

Fill in the text box "About Me" with a minimum of 80 characters that explain: who you are, what you do, and eventually where you offer your services, for example.

Indicate the languages you speak as well as your city and country.

Create as many virtual tours as possible and share them everywhere. The more you create / share, the more you will get views for your tours and for your profile, which will make you influential and not to be missed! The number of views for your profile and tours will also increase.

Maximize the number of good reviews on your profile

Share your profile everywhere. Your profile contains your presentation and your 360 portfolio. Share it every chance you get and people will come to you like magic!

Follow, like, and comment on other 360 tours and Klapty users' profiles, this will also bring you more visibility and will make you well known!

The more your profile and tours get views, likes, and shares, the more visible and popular you will become!

Example of a virtual tour ranked in the top position on the Google search engine

Example of a portofolio ranked in the top position on the Google search engine

Updated on: 21/01/2021