How can my profile can be more visible on Klapty and search tools like Google Search ?

The first step to be more visible on Klapty and Google Search, Bing, Yandex, etc, is to have a complete profile:

- Upload your most beautiful portrait picture on your profile

- Upload landscape photo pic for your profile page

- Fill "About me" text field with a minimum of 80 characters that explain: who you are, what you do and where you provide your services

- Specify which languages you speak and also the country you're based on.

- Create the maximum of virtual tours and share them everywhere. More you create/share, more you will get view on your tours and profile, which will make you influent and successful.

- Have the maximum of good reviews on your porfile.

- Share your profile everywhere : Your profile contain all your informations and 360 portofolio : Share it everytime everywhere and people will come to you by magic !

- Follow, like and comment other tours and users profiles on Klapty, that will bring you more visibility and make you famous !

- More your profile get reviews, likes, shared and more visible and popular you will become!