How can my tours can be more visible on Klapty and search tools like Google Search ?

The first step to give more visibility to your tours on Klapty and Google Search, Bing, Yandex, etc, is to have a complete amazing tour:

- Quality of your tour, Quality of your pics : The basis

- Use a nice thumbnail pics that represent for your tour (Thumbnail is a preview of what user will see on tour)

- Fill "description tour" text field with a minimum of 80 characters that explain: what is that tour, where, when, why (Don't try to fool Google or Klapty : Use a real and unique text description for your tours, here only duration time on the tour combined with the number of views will be taking into considaration)

- Enrich your 360 tours with "hotspots", "i" information point, floor plan, music (mp3, audio, voice) and your own logo ! But keep it as simple as possible for the visitor experience side.

- Have the maximum of comments and likes in your 360 tours

- Share your 360 immersive tours everywhere : Everytime and Everywhere and people will come to you by magic !