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You've just created your Klapty account? Very happy to hear it! It's now time to create your first 360° virtual tour.

Rest assured, it's not as difficult as it seems!

How should I prepare before shooting and creating a 360° virtual tour?

If you photograph virtual tours for commercial purposes, such as real estate, holiday rentals, or hotels, make sure the space is well organized and cleaned. Also, make sure the battery on your 360 camera or regular camera and your phone are fully charged.

Additionally, we recommend taking multiple shots if a room is relatively large in order to showcase it from different positions and angles.

You will then be able to show all of the features of the place in 360 degrees.

Regarding equipment, don't hesitate to consult the equipment section here or contact us to find the equipment that best suits your needs for creating your 360 ° virtual tours.