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How do I adjust my photos on Klapty ?

Klapty accepts all types of photos (classic photo, 360 photo, panoramic photo), some may need to be adjusted, especially photos that are not 360° photos with a 2: 1 ratio.

How do I adjust my photos on Klapty?

For these classic photos, here are the points of improvement possible once in the virtual tour editor:

Choose the projection mode of the photo: either in "flat" mode or in "spherical" mode.
For a portrait photo, the "flat" mode is ideal so as not to distort the perspectives. For a panoramic photo, then the "spherical" mode will be preferred)

Click on this button to switch to "Spherical" mode:

Switch to sphere mode

Click on this button to switch to "Flat" mode:

Switch to flat mode

Define the field of view of your sight by adjusting the degrees.
If your photo covers an angle of view of approximately 230°, then push the slider up to 230°. No idea how many degrees is your photo? Try to have fun with the sliders until you are fully satisfied with the result displayed on the screen.

Field of view

Did you know ?

You can also block the angle of view on your photos: How do I block the viewing angle on my photos ?

Updated on: 22/09/2021