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Why should I get a Pro account on Klapty? What does it do?

Why should I get a Pro Account on Klapty? What does it do?

You can subscribe to a Pro Account at only 9.90 per month which will give you extra features.

All of Klapty's features
Customization of logos, partial customization of the copyright text on the bottom right-hand-side of the tour, and the clickable web link under the logos and copyright text
Add a floor plan with placements of 360° views
Add music / voice (MP3) to the tour
Choice of private or public mode for your selected virtual tours (Private tours won't be visible on Klapty and won't be visible or indexed by search engines like Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Search, Yandex Search, etc.)
Add a password to reinforce and protect an extra private 360° virtual tour
Add a customized thumbnail
Customization of the 'i' hotspots and main hotspots
Connect up to 2 devices to your Klapty account

You'll find all the information regarding subscriptions on this page =>

Updated on: 21/01/2022