Why should I get a Gold Account on Klapty? What does it do?

You can subscribe to a gold Account at only 49.90 per month which will increase your visibility and give you extra features.

All of Klapty's free features
All of Klapty's pro features => https://help.klapty.com/en/article/why-should-i-get-a-pro-account-on-klapty-what-does-it-do-p5rqpp/
Backlink SEO on Klapty ( links that redirect the user from a website to another website)
Set all your social medias on your Klapty's profile
Set a button : "Call me" on your Klapty's profile : the best tool to convert a prospect into a client.

You'll find all the information regarding subscriptions on this page => https://www.klapty.com/pricing-360-tours

Example of a Gold Profile