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Why should I get a Gold account with Klapty ? What does it do ?

Why should I get a Gold Account on Klapty? What does it do?

You can subscribe to a gold Account at only 39.90 per month which will increase your visibility and give you extra features.

All of Klapty's features
All of Klapty's pro features =>
Total customization of the Copyright at the bottom right of the visit
Remove the contact card on the virtual tour
Remove the "Share" icon on the virtual tour
Automatically download or replace photos from your virtual tour
Backlink SEO on Klapty ( links that redirect the user from a website to another website)
Set all your social medias on your Klapty's profile
Set a button : "Call me" on your Klapty's profile : the best tool to convert a prospect into a client.
Connect up to 4 devices to your Klapty account (5.90/additional devices)

You'll find all the information regarding subscriptions on this page =>

Example of a Gold Profile

Example of a Gold Profile - Virtual Tour

Updated on: 21/02/2022