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Can I edit the 360 tour once it's published?

Yes of course. You can make all the necessary edits in the immersive tour as well as the description even after publishing.

All you have to do is go into the "My 360 tours" menu and then click on the "update this tour" icon (pencil icon).

Same thing if you want to delete the tour, you'll need to click once on the bin icon and then confirm your choice by inputting your email address.
A heads up that deleting a tour is irreversible, which is why double confirmation is asked by Klapty to make sure you really confirm your choice by entering your email.

Update/edit or delete a Klapty 360 virtual tour

Did you know?

A virtual tour can be started and saved in your drafts without being published. During the entire phase of enhancing and editing the tour, you can click on the "Preview" button, and if you're satisfied with the result, you can publish it online. Once the tour is online, you still can : edit the tour and its text, delete the tour, or even switch to private mode and even protect the access with a password.