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How do I create transition points (hotspots) from one 360 view to another? (Or from one room to another)

How do I create hotspot points from one view to another? (Hotspots for movement)

First of all, you have to upload all of the 360 photos onto

Then, you will be able to drag and drop a hotspot (animated circle) to the place of your choice on the 360 view.

A window will show up with a drop-down list of views to link, you can then choose the view of the destination from where this movement point will lead.

Here below, find the instructions to know how customize your hotspots.

The hotspot will allow visitors to go from one 360 view to another simply by clicking on the animated circles present in your tours.

Drag and drop the hotspot (animated circle) which will allow you to switch from one 360 view to another

Step 1 - Customize your hotspots

Step 2 - Customize your hotspots

Updated on: 11/02/2021