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How can I integrate iFrame code into an information point ?

Integrate an iFrame code into an information point

The way to add an information point to a virtual tour is explained here: additional-information-on-the-360-degree-views-in-order-to-enhance-my-virtual-tour-1peed74/

You can integrate an iFrame code into the information points "i". It allows users to see content without leaving the virtual tour. It's even possible to shop in a virtual tour. You can also include YouTube videos. It will request to add an iFrame code of an online product or a YouTube video. (The website must accept to provide iFrames).

Important : When you want to integrate an iFrame code of a YouTube video, make sure to copy-paste the following code :
<iframe title="YouTube Video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" src=" n° of the video here" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen style="width: 90vw; height: 70vh;"></iframe>

For this example, the n° of the video is juxwcU3Jk-o. It's possible to change it by the n° that you want. While watching a video on Youtube, the n° of the video is after the "=" sign.

Example of the integrated iFrame Code

Result of the integrated iFrame code

Updated on: 24/08/2021