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I am a real estate professional. Can I also use Klapty?

I am a real estate professional (real estate agent). Can I also use Klapty?

Yes, of course. Klapty is the ideal place to increase your visibility on the internet and to enhance your network with new prospects and potential clients.

360° real estate tours are a powerful marketing communication tool used by the majority of real estate agencies around the world to rent and sell more quickly as well as to attract and to be discovered by more potential buyers and tenants.

Join us now and use this innovative tool to boost your numbers!

As a real estate agent and you want absolute confidentiality of your buildings and virtual tours, you can switch to a Pro Account to make the tours of your choice private and even protected by a unique password per visit.

Otherwise, here are some categories of virtual tours to discover, to give you some ideas =>

Updated on: 05/01/2021