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What happen if I cancel my Pro or Gold subscription ?

Cancel my Pro or Gold subscription

If you decide to cancel your Pro or Gold subscription with Klapty, then all Pro and Gold features will be automatically disabled from your virtual tours.

Plus, you'll not be able to edit or create virtual tour.

Also, the promotional offer you currently have will no longer be available if you subscribe again.

Pro / Gold features are available until the monthly anniversary date (renewal date of your subscription). After this period, the Pro features are disabled for new virtual tours as well as for old ones. Private virtual tours will become public, logos, url, white label and audio will be replaced and / or deleted.

Like the Gold features, they will be removed from your profile after your monthly anniversary date.

Here are the features that will be lost:
Pro Features
Gold Features

But we would be sad to see you leave our Pro & Gold community.

Updated on: 12/03/2022