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What is Klapty really? What is the concept?

Welcome to Klapty, the turnkey platform used to create, share, and discover 360° virtual tours in the world.
Still hesitating? Try our services now to create 360 virtual tours by yourself or even discover the world in 360°!

What is Klapty talking about?

Klapty is a quick and simple platform for creating or discovering 360 tours.

Create your virtual tours from your classic or 360 photos (smartphone, panorama, 360 panorama, 360 camera, drone, DSLR etc ...)

All of the industries and all kinds of users can now publish and share 360° virtual tours of houses and villas, touristic or historical places, sites under construction or very simply, your last holidays captured in 360 degrees: everything is now possible.

Klapty is not only a user-friendly and fast software for creating interactive 360 virtual tours, but it's also a social network where members can showcase their latest creations and discuss them in real interactions.

Thanks to his SEO, Klapty helps you gain visibility for your virtual tours and your profile on search engines like Google.

All users can sell their service online here: Sell my services on Klapty.

As well for the virtual tours enthusiasts community, we've just launched your new forum =>

Here's a video for photographers =>

Here's a video for real estate professionals

And finally, a video for everyone :)

Updated on: 20/07/2021